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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Open House!

I've been considering Basket Blogging for a long time now and finally decided to take the plunge. My Knitting Blog has been going now for over 2 years so this is a natural branching out. The Basket Blog is a place for me to share my days with Longaberger Baskets, Pottery, Wrought Iron, and our other wonderful products. I'm excited to share these ideas with you! I've been in business for over 25 years now and am so grateful that I am still passionate about what I do.

Today I'm getting ready for my Open House on Wednesday August 26th! You are invited! The time is 4 to 8 PM. I will leave most everything set up for another day or two in case you can't make it on that day. Just call me or email to set up a time to drop by.

The best deals right now are:
  • Free Wrought Iron Black Cat ($30 value) with purchase of either Black Cat Bundle (with or without lid).
  • $20 off NEW Fancy Pie Basket. Just $42 for this basket which is the very first to replicate J.W. Longaberger's Fancy Baskets with woven decorative trim. Just beautiful and just as practical!
  • Last chance to purchase Horizon of Hope Baskets, Pink Pie Plate, Pink Measuring Cup

  • Many retiring products--last chance on these also!
  • Be a show Hostess and receive a FREE travel Mug in addition to all your other generous hostess benefits. Ask me for details!
and everyone's favorite: Paula's Attic Sale!
Many samples and online specials stashes just for you. You will find many bargains here! Plenty for everyone! If the stash gets low "there is more where that came from". Also feel free to buy samples off my tables (except for Preview Products).
And if all this isn't enough...check out the Factory Store Online today, August 25th, for this fantastic sale! Just go to my website and then in the left sidebar under Factory Store!
Here's a great recipe for the Fluted Cake Pan
Microwave Apple Pie Cake
  • Longaberger Products
  • Large Tip and Mix Bowl
  • Woven Traditions Fluted Cake Pan
  • Woven Traditions Dinner Plate
1 box Yellow Cake Mix
3 eggs
1 can Apple Pie Filling
1/2 Cup applesauce
In Large Tip and Mix Bowl, mix the dry cake mix, eggs, applie pie filling and applesauce until moist. Pour the mixture into the microwave-safe Woven Traditions Fluted Cake Pan. Place in microwave and bake on high for 12 minutes. Remove from microwave and cover Fluted Cake Pan with WT Dinner Place (this finishes the cooking process). Turn the cake over onto the WT Dinner Plate and remove Fluted Cake Pan for a delicious dessert. Great with vanilla ice cream or whipped topping.
  • Chocolate cake mix with cherry pie filling
  • Spice Cake mix with pumpkin pie filling

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